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tv   Chasing News  FOX  January 12, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EST

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bill: now on "chasing news". >> no 11 saturday night's drawing. $1.3 billion for wednesday night's drawing. >> the chances of winning his one and 175,225,510. good luck. yesterday i joined thousands >> welcome everybody. >> move over, ladies. getting a makeover. >> touch them up. >> the average men's circuit testing $28. bill: did you get your
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the billion dollars. >> absolutely did. i am on staten island which may be the luckiest place. thethe lottery created 33 millionaires on staten island since 2010 which according to new york state lottery officials is the most out of any borough. no 11 saturday night's drawing raising the total for wednesday night's drawing, lottery sales hit $3.3 million per hour of sale saturday night before the drawing. the frenzy of ticket sales, there was one savvy staten island or who had a different approach and prayed -- played the mega millions. that person won the jackpot, $165 million here on friday night. i #going on right now, #i did not win the lottery.
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answers. >> am going to play again. >> i did not win the lottery but. >> i spoke to the manager here. he told me about the excitement about the powerball being over billion dollars. >> going like crazy. about five or 6,000. >> i urge a little caution. lottery is often considered an unfair tax on the very poor. people who make less than $30,000 spent 9 percent of the take him in, lottery sales. eleven states in this country make more money through lottery sales and corporate tax revenue. >> no one is telling a nearby lottery ticket. bill: i agree it is on them. the problem is you have been sold this bill of goods.
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disclaimer. on one side if your state is making this revenue and then you may have a very good. >> if you went don't hide it under a mattress. you have to find a bank. bill: our #tonight's things things#tonight's things i say would never do. let us know on twitter. "high speed chase". start us off. >> one of the most dangerous cities in the country. this is an example why. a 16 -year-old turned her into police. wanted in a nonfatal shooting. police wanted to question her for her possible role in the shooting death of this beautiful boy,, just 13 years old. she turned herself in the
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>> the mysterious death has taken a shocking turn. camden county prosecutor's office indicted and arrested brandon's own father on monday for his murder. there will be an arraignment on tuesday at the camden county courthouse. more for you on tuesdays "chasing news". bill: no pants. >> mic jack pants check. i did that that for the sake of all of you guys. yesterday was a different story. i joined thousands of others in the 15th annual new york city no pants subway ride. the brains behind the start of the guys from improv everywhere. seven guys boarded the subway pants was just for
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took part. >> welcome everybody to the 15th annual no pants subway ride. >> i can't wait to take my pants off. >> the winter hat i am wearing because it is part of the detailed instructions include playing the part bundled up for the blustery january conditions. remove your pants with a straight facea straight face and let the hilarious reactions from regular writers and sue. highlights comeau one of them was soon, and old lady with blue hair, no pants and was wearing a turtleneck. >> i cannot help but notice you are now wearingnot wearing pants. >> it's too hot.
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now, other highlights, the nypd smiling. and then of course there is this guy, i guy who was extremely overweight and only tidy ladies. >> all right. >> maybe it was just because. he was single, but i found it to be a highlight. more of the hiccuped organizers encourage people to be appropriate. the small amount of rain we had the soldier through. >> down boring. >> of course, the homeless man who had coincidentally made our subway car his home. basically standing in his living room. it's a strange dichotomy. but he was a good sport.
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thinking. >> is like i'm fighting against this. >> the homeless man was a good sport. most people have a blast including me because who doesn't enjoy an occasional no pants party. >> sure. >> do you that? no pants on the subway, next thing you know it's anarchy. >> without pants on. >> homeless no pants not so good. you are chasing pot. smoke them if you got them. >> i went to white plains. one of the eight medical marijuana dispensaries in new york state to get an
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new dispensaries. >> i'm here. >> so walking through the doors i went to speak with one of the doctors and pharmacists. >> hi. >> welcome to the dispensary. >> they have consultation ron comeau one for adults and one for children. i went children. i went into the one for children and spoke with the ceo about what makes this different. >> we don't sell any joints, pot brownies, and have no products with what some regard as offensive names like ak-47. it is fundamentally different, medical model. but we do have is pharmaceutical grade medical cannabis that is dispensed not by bud tenders like bartenders but by highly trained, licensed pharmacists. >> although many people are
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a group that is not. veterans are very upset to be left out of this knew medical marijuana program. why? they say it is helpful for ptsd. a well-regarded physician and psychiatrist said that medical marijuana is highly effective in treating ptsd. >> the george greer study out of new mexico, he followed 80 military veterans as they were treating themselves with cannabis through the new mexico medical marijuana program. and he documented a 75 percent reduction in ptsd symptoms in these vets who were participating. teesix i wonder if new york will screw this up to my new jersey did. limited supply, outrageous price. cheaper for price. cheaper for people to go to other states or by it illegally. >> holy macro. if there is anyone across the slate of humanity that
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they want, it is a greata great remedy for ptsd which is a hellish diseased the deal with. bill: the question is why they don't just legalize this medical stuff across the board, so it over the counter and pharmacies. if thispharmacies. if this is a valuable substance for people to treat illness, seizures, just legalize it and put it through the regular system with pharmacies. i don't understand why that hasn't been debated. >> take a look at this video of a good samaritan giving the shirt off his back. the goodthe good dude took place on the brooklyn bound a train. said he boarded the train and watched it unfold. the video has over 12 million views. >> the police he isis not a good photo of you and your
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from ohio, he didn't take a pretty odd much shot. here's a picture that he wants the police to use. he sent it to them himself. thehimself. the police in ohio posted these photos on her facebook page and helps the someone will recognize him and they can find out his whereabouts. right now he is wanted for failure to appear. bill: it's pretty good selfie. >> more to life than being really really ridiculously good-looking. >> everygood-looking.
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>> more to life than being really really ridiculously good-looking, but i don't want to find out what that was. male grooming, some guys get uncomfortable talking about it because maybe it makes them feel less masculine. when i got the chance to check out aa celebrity eyebrow tamer. are. thinking of lion tamer. >> sonia. >> have a scar on my right eyebrow but figured i had to camouflage. families, friends. >> her new eyebrow spot is called sonia's brow bar.
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feminine former space that some guys might have felt uncomfortable sitting with the women shedding a couple of tears while they get theirs plucked right from their face. she has a smart idea to create the mail space that event velvet couches, smokecouches, smoke mirrors, dimmer lights and enough johnny walker to numb that pain. now,now, we chatted a little bit about the trend of male grooming. >> every man touches the mobile little bit. theybit. they are finally realizing that men don't wear makeup or do anything more than a haircut and a browse. >> just open up your eyelid. >> it did. >> uses no wax and no clippers. that can irritate the skin. her tools of the trade her tweezers. >> my eyebrows are now on flake. bill: yes they are.
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>> i no so many men that when you go close is disgusting. when you clean up your browse you look a lot cleaner. >> i love men to have some ruggedness to them. if you're outdoors in your car breaks down you want a guy like and do something about it. >> would you date a guya guy with a unibrow? >> have never met a guy with the unibrow. >> with the average men's haircut costing $28, what does the service cost? bill: like 15 bucks. >> i don't know if i believe those stories. to go see her is about $90. bill: $90, do you have to pay separately? >> that stuff is all complementary.complementary. bill: come on, 90 bucks is a good deal then. whiskey, cigars. >> talk to an attorney who is driving a u-haul to virginia.
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going to stop for death facing eviction in part because the temporary disability payments. on saturday they got the news they have been dreading for the want of removal that will throw them out of the house. picked up christie at her home. repossessed during the time she was borrowing money. when down the camden county like i said, it is
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to advise you what to say. and person in front of a judge or over the phone and you are going to explain your part of the story. hopefully that will stop long enough so that they can find another place to live. normally it takes several days for these to be scheduled. >> we just need more time. i'm temporarily disable them a mom is permanently disabled. reform. >> what did they say? >> they said they have to included through the judge and then the judge signs it. >> i talked with christie about her situation and they got even rougher.
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facing eviction, the dog that they had taken off the street and is blind, had diabetes, his health problems get worse and they had to put him down one week ago. >> have the money to keep them in the hospital for a couple of days. id. pain medicine. he would have been fine. so that is the part that hurts the most. >> the situation that just about anybody can find themselves in. once you fall in that financial whole it is hard to dig yourself out. things like eviction and don't tell them what their rights are. simply not having a car means they are at a huge disadvantage. tweet me and let me know. for now, we will keep following this story and let you know what happens and if it will make it to a new place and time or if there
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>> on new year's day. >> getting in my car to go home and went to reach the door and noticed it wasn't on there. >> he pulls a picture on the
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>> you got a story about an engagement ring in social media coming to the rescue. >> so, shopping at the mall on new year's day showing off her engagement ring. >> getting in my car to go
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door and noticed it was not on their. >> heartbroken, but her son stepped in and did a thing,. >> my mother and my mother being happy. i would do anything to make sure happiness is maintained. offer oh $1,000 award. >> i actually shared and have a lot of friends on facebook. the 1st ten hours it was only share 500 times by my friends. they suggested i make it public. once i made it public and it went from 500 shares to 11,000 shares in an hour. >> ring was found in a forever 21 star. bill: it's a good thing. >> spoke to the child's father. >> my fiance
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around through the mall and and look down and found the ring. bill: the kid foundering and gives it to his dad. >> exactly. >> that way. >> sitting on the bottom rack of the forever 21 store in an unusual way. he got down on one knee and proposed to his mall about presenting her with the ring. bill: finding the ring and all connecting back. >> everyone went home happy. >> am i the only one that thinks this kid is a little bit of a jerk?
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paying it? probably not. >> a kid did not have to say he found the ring. bill: would you not have taken the reward? >> i might have. it depends on my financial situation. bill: what i felt bad if he offered a reward and the person did not accepted. >> don't know why you are doing it and can't stop. bill: lost her job. >> identity. bill: everything. >> battling a devastating okay. so right now, everyone is saying, "hurry! you gotta get fios." but why? well, because there's never been a better time to get a great deal from fios, the fastest internet and wi-fi available. only fios has speeds from 50 to 500 megs. because your devices run better on a better internet. and for just $79.99 a month online, you can get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for your first year. plus with a 2-year agreement, fios gives you $400 back, and all of the premium movie channels for a year. get out of the past. get fios. our next item is a genuine
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